Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Is Your Why?

Last week, I spent two amazing days at the American Express OPEN Women's Business Summit in Houston, Texas.  600 women attendees left recharged and armed with new knowledge to help them grow their businesses.  If you follow me on twitter, I will share some of those gems. 

The most important tool in your arsenal is your WHY.  Why do you want your business to succeed?

"According to Count Me In's 2008 research with American Express OPEN, 46 percent of women business owners want to grow their business to help themselves and their families; 48 percent want to gorw their businesses to help their community and the world" - from Nell Merlino's book Stepping Out of Line: Lessons for Women Who Want It Their Way . . . In Life, In Love, and At Work

I want my business to be successful because I have a troop of 24 Girl Scouts in grades Kindergarten through 5th from a variety of walks of life.  I have noticed that some of the older girls already have low self-esteem.  They need to see me acheive my dreams so that they know they can have, do or be anything they want! 

These girls have inspired me to go out on some serious limbs to acheive my dreams.  Last week I actually strutted my stuff as a Gayla Bentley fashion show model!  Being IN a fashion show has been on my "bucket list" since High School!

What's YOUR reason??  I invite you to post your why in the comments.  Declaring your why increases your chances of success.  Go ahead!  Tell the world why you want your business to succeed!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Every month I am asked to paint a piggy bank with a sports logo, college mascot or cartoon character.  Every month I say no

Why?  Because these images are copyrighted and I do not have the license to reproduce them.  It is illegal for these images to be sold on unlicensed items, and I could be sued.

My piggy banks would look so cute painted as various NFL helmets, and I could make a lot of money painting these.  I have to admit it is tempting.  But, it is not worth the chance of losing my business.  The business I have worked so hard at for over 20 years.

It baffles me the number of sellers on the web and etsy who do paint licensed characters and logos.  It is illegal.  Yet they continue to do so.  To me, it is unethical.  

Whether or not a customer begs you to paint a licensed image is beside the point.  It is against the law and you should have the integrity to tell the customer that.   

Is an easy buck worth the chance of a lawsuit?  For me, it's not.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Last week I created a Facebook page for Comfy Cozy. Now, I'm trying to learn how to use it effectively to build business, gain customers without offending anyone. Tall order. I received an email from Inc. magazine this morning with loads of information. Check it out: or

In the meantime, drop by the Comfy Cozy Facebook page and become a fan! When you do, I'll send you a special Code for Buy One Get One FREE pillowcase:) is looking forward to a GREAT year - join us!