Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday! 50% OFF or BOGO!

Well, here it is, holiday shopping is upon us and in full force.  For alot of WAHMS, cyber Monday is a big day.  I'm hoping that my customers respond to the email I sent out and take advantage of the 50% OFF SALE at  There are quite a few glow in the dark pillowcase designs on sale, as well as cozy cover ups & pajama shirts for teens.  We have an entire collection of inspirational travel pillows for 50% OFF too.   If that isn't enough to help you mark off a few of the gifts you need to buy, everything else on our site is "BOGO" (that's Buy One Get One 1/2 Off!).
Just enter the code MCBOGO in the Comments box of the on-line order form.

Don't forget, Comfy Cozy will make every pillowcase more special by adding Personalization.
Make this a Christmas that will be lighting up the night all year long with a magical Glow in the Dark pillowcase.

Oh, and remember, Comfy Cozy products aren't just for kids!  Everyone can use a little inspiration or just a little fun in their lives.  Check out our "Eat Chocolate, Drink Wine, Sleep Naked" collection - perfect for wine and chocolate lovers.  Have some dog and cat owners on your list?  They'll love either the PUPPY LOVE or CAT NAP pillowcases!

Happy Cyber Monday and Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have a lot to be thankful for.  I'm not going to list them all, but I am going to think about them.
I may even sit around for a while and write them all down, just to look at them.  I never did any of the lists that Kandas has suggested - the 100 things we want to do, etc.  This list just might prove useful.  Last night my oldest son was aggravated about everything and nothing.  I told him he couldn't get up til he wrote a list of 25 things he was thankful for.  I realized it might not be the best time for it, but then again, it couldn't hurt!  After he wrote them, I made him read the list out loud.  At first he begrudgingly spouted them off.  I told him he had to start over and read them slowly and THINK about each one as he said them.  Amazingly enough, he did just that and his attitude changed dramatically by the time he got to the end of his list.  More amazing is that I was on the list LOL

I'm looking forward to what I just might put on my list...

Before I can do that, I have to go thru my "list of things to do" for work.  I suppose I have to be thankful that I have that list, too:)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Great Gift Idea

Oh My Gosh, I did not realize that I had not posted for such a long time. Where is the time going? I can't believe that next week is Thanksgiving already. MY favorite holiday of the year. I am thankful for so many things :) On this day in particular I like to have my dinner guests say one thing they are thankful for. It is odd to me that sometimes it takes quite a few minutes for someone to think of just one thing. I think people go through life NOT thinking of things they are thankful for and they should. Life is good. Even in these hard times.

On to my great gift idea.
I have a line of Totes for our pet lovers.
They are very successful with the rescue groups as fund raisers.
I was just thinking the other day that they would also make great gifts for the person who has everything or that hard to buy for person on your list.
If they love their four legged family member they will love our new
Pets are Family too Tote.
Our totes are personalized with names and you choose your colors.
We have done bags with up to 4 names so far. You can check out the other bags and order at
D's Stitcheree. They can also be found on Etsy.
Happy Thanksgiving. Turkey rules!

Snow. Business. Facebook.

I'm 3 weeks or so behind on posting.  This will be fast and furious - yeah right, from me that's kind of comical:)

Snow.  It snowed here in Southeastern PA last night.  Wasn't supposed to start til this morning.  A lovely surprise for 2 little boys and a puppy.  The dog had no idea what to do w/the stuff but the boys were ready for school faster than lightning so they could go play before school.  I love snow - as long as I can go play in it, don't have to drive in it and have a nice cozy fire to warm up to after being in it.  Feel sorry for those of you in the south that don't get it ever, or often.  Then again, some of you feel sorry for those of us that have to wear heavy coats and gloves for 5 months!

Business.  Sales of magical glow in the dark pillowcases are starting to pick up but not as much as I'd like.  Run, don't walk to your address book and send this link of our 50% off Sale to everyone you know.  Then ask them to forward it to everyone they forward every email they ever get too!  I'm looking for orders folks, so don't be shy.  They can post it on every blog they visit - maybe I should offer a commission??  One Free Pillowcase for every 6 orders referred to by someone!  Comfy Cozy glow in the dark pillowcases - what kid wouldn't love one under the Christmas Tree or for Hanukkah?  Plus there is that fun "Eat Chocolate Drink Wine Sleep Naked" design that I'm sure you could find a friend or 2 that would get a huge kick out of it!

Facebook.  I sign up.  I have a facebook page.  I'm not sure why lol!  I've spent way to much time on it.  Found some folks from high school and even have a few "friends" to speak of.  In addition to my SuperWahm friends, my facebook friends include a girl I cheered with at Charleston Catholic High School, my high school boyfriend (who is now a grandfather!) and another high school friend that is living in Bogata, Columbia and is a reporter for the NY Times and NPR.  I can't seem to figure out an easy way to find folks from the University of  Tennessee, but like I said, I've spent way too much time on it.  January would be a better time for this project.  I'm vowing to not look for anyone else until then.  

That's that.  Now, go send that link to your friends about the Comfy Cozy 50% off Sale!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My New Venture

My daughter has been trying to get me to design a new headpiece line for a while now. A week ago we got it started. It is still bridal, but consists of headbands and combs with a vantage feel. It’s really fun to be doing this with her and I’m so excited about the six pieces we have created together so far. We hope to finish the new line quickly and get it out to my bridal stores, but we also plan on creating a web site for ourselves along with a site on Etsy. I love being creative again, and together I know we will produce amazing things. So stay tuned and I will post some picture of our designs soon!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One year younger!

Yes it's my birthday today, and all day I was thinking I was turning 49, My last year in my 40's. At lunch I figured out I'm only turning 48. I just got a whole year for my birthday!! Not many people can say they got a year younger on their birthday.

Happy Birthday Jill!

It's Jill's birthday today... go check out her tips from home website and post a birthday comment for her!

Monday, November 10, 2008


No, not a river in Africa.  I'm talking about not seeing the truth.  You know, when you think something is one way, but in reality, it is most definitely another.  *sigh*

I am in denial.  Well, I am coming out of denial.  Because I have been busy all.year.long, I didn't think my fall rush had hit yet.  I just kept telling myself, "you're just busy as usual."  Yeah right.

I guess I have left denial and entered the swamp.  Pretty funny, huh?  At least I can still joke about it.  Really though, I am now swamped.  My stack of orders measures 1/2" high, and I get several orders a day.  Some of them for multiple items, so they should really count as more than one order.

So, I may or may not be posting here for the next 2 months. Hard to say....if I get a free minute (what's that?) I will. Otherwise, you can grab a snorkel, strap on a paintbrush, and join me in the swamp : )  Ain't life as a wahm grand?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fantastic Friday: Competing in Today's Home Accent Market

If you make/sell home accents, you will want to watch this video from Gift & Home Channel:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Are you wearing your I voted sticker proudly, I am. This has been an ugly campaign and I’m so glad all those commercials and recorded messages will soon be just a memory. I am also glad to have my vote count. If you haven’t done it yet I hope you will all go and exercise your right and vote.