Friday, December 19, 2008

Fantastic Friday: Facebook

I joined Facebook a month or so ago. Put in my school and previous work info and voila! I have over 100 friends. Some are folks I haven't spoken with in over 20 years. It's wild catching up with folks.

Last night I discovered that I can create a Facebook page for my business! Then folks can become FANS of my business, Shaka Studios! How cool is that?

With a Facebook business page, you can upload photos & videos, create a calendar of events, start a discussion, link to your website... and I'm sure there are other neat features I haven't figured out yet.

So you are probably thinking? Who has time for Facebook? Here's the rub: There are now over 100 new people that now know about my custom furniture business. The beauty of social networking is that because they know, soon their friends will know, and so on.

It took me about 30 minutes to set up my Facebook business page. I'm going to sit back now and see what happens.

Now back to baking cookies and addressing cards... HO HO HO!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

cool, i didn't even think of that! What a good idea. I'll do one for Comfy Cozy and Glowfx designs. I don't have that many friends...most of them are from high school - ok all of them are. Only a couple in my class the rest were in my brothers class a year ahead of me. There are thousands of University of Tennessee folks, but I can't seem to connect w/ anyone I knew. The search tool isn't helping me narrow it down, unless I'm doing something wrong.

Thanks for the idea!