Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow. Business. Facebook.

I'm 3 weeks or so behind on posting.  This will be fast and furious - yeah right, from me that's kind of comical:)

Snow.  It snowed here in Southeastern PA last night.  Wasn't supposed to start til this morning.  A lovely surprise for 2 little boys and a puppy.  The dog had no idea what to do w/the stuff but the boys were ready for school faster than lightning so they could go play before school.  I love snow - as long as I can go play in it, don't have to drive in it and have a nice cozy fire to warm up to after being in it.  Feel sorry for those of you in the south that don't get it ever, or often.  Then again, some of you feel sorry for those of us that have to wear heavy coats and gloves for 5 months!

Business.  Sales of magical glow in the dark pillowcases are starting to pick up but not as much as I'd like.  Run, don't walk to your address book and send this link of our 50% off Sale to everyone you know.  Then ask them to forward it to everyone they forward every email they ever get too!  I'm looking for orders folks, so don't be shy.  They can post it on every blog they visit - maybe I should offer a commission??  One Free Pillowcase for every 6 orders referred to by someone!  Comfy Cozy glow in the dark pillowcases - what kid wouldn't love one under the Christmas Tree or for Hanukkah?  Plus there is that fun "Eat Chocolate Drink Wine Sleep Naked" design that I'm sure you could find a friend or 2 that would get a huge kick out of it!

Facebook.  I sign up.  I have a facebook page.  I'm not sure why lol!  I've spent way to much time on it.  Found some folks from high school and even have a few "friends" to speak of.  In addition to my SuperWahm friends, my facebook friends include a girl I cheered with at Charleston Catholic High School, my high school boyfriend (who is now a grandfather!) and another high school friend that is living in Bogata, Columbia and is a reporter for the NY Times and NPR.  I can't seem to figure out an easy way to find folks from the University of  Tennessee, but like I said, I've spent way too much time on it.  January would be a better time for this project.  I'm vowing to not look for anyone else until then.  

That's that.  Now, go send that link to your friends about the Comfy Cozy 50% off Sale!!!

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