Monday, November 10, 2008


No, not a river in Africa.  I'm talking about not seeing the truth.  You know, when you think something is one way, but in reality, it is most definitely another.  *sigh*

I am in denial.  Well, I am coming out of denial.  Because I have been busy all.year.long, I didn't think my fall rush had hit yet.  I just kept telling myself, "you're just busy as usual."  Yeah right.

I guess I have left denial and entered the swamp.  Pretty funny, huh?  At least I can still joke about it.  Really though, I am now swamped.  My stack of orders measures 1/2" high, and I get several orders a day.  Some of them for multiple items, so they should really count as more than one order.

So, I may or may not be posting here for the next 2 months. Hard to say....if I get a free minute (what's that?) I will. Otherwise, you can grab a snorkel, strap on a paintbrush, and join me in the swamp : )  Ain't life as a wahm grand?


georgie said...

Oh Lynn-I know this isnt comforting BUT be glad your busy-thats cash coming in during this crazy economic time
I LOVE your work!

jill said...

hang in there, most people are in the other boat!