Sunday, February 22, 2009


I do not want this post to be considered fact. While it may be based on fact, it is really just my thoughts and feelings on the CPSIA. I've read and researched until I can't keep my eyes open at night. I read as much about it as I can in between coats of paint. And you know what? I still have NO idea where anything stands.

It is truly frustrating. NOTHING has changed. The so called "stay" is only a stay of enforcement by the CPSC. Not really a stay of testing. Products still need to follow the guidelines of the law. And to find out if they are compliant, you need to, guess....test them! Or know that your suppliers have had the supplies tested.

And even though the CPSC won't enforce the law for one year, that doesn't mean a thing. It is up to each state's attorney general to enforce this law. They can wait a year. Or they can start enforcing now. There is so much double speak in this law and it's so-called "updates", it could drive you to drink.

For instance.....on February 9th, the CPSC published a 13 page document with small business guidelines. However it says this at the beginning, "This information was prepared by CPSC staff, has not been reviewed or approved by, and many not necessarily reflect the views of, the Commission. It may be subject to change based on Commission action."

I'm looking at the word staff, and wondering what the heck I am supposed to make of this document. Is it official or not? Lord only knows.....if even he does.  I'm not putting much faith in it.

Anyway, I'm frustrated. The one paint company I thought was going to come through for me, dropped the ball. When I wrote to them after February 10th about the GCC's for their colors, they said "There has been a stay enacted regarding this regulatory law. The stay is one year and will push out the requirement for Certificates of Compliance to February 10, 2010."

Argh. I KNOW that. I'm not dumb. But again, it is a stay of ENFORCEMENT, not compliance. I still have to know that my products comply with the law. DOESN'T ANYBODY GET IT?????

And now I am coming to the end of my vent. I am so fed up with this government, and their lack of ethics.....and apparent reading ability. Since none of them read this law before they agreed to it. Oh, and I hear they didn't have time to read the 1,000+ Stimulus Plan either before they okayed that. I don't know who they are representing in Washington DC, cause it sure ain't me. end of vent.

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