Thursday, April 2, 2009

Small Business WILL save our economy. The first step is to rethink our buying habits. Skip the big box stores and head on into your local mom and pop. Buy from fellow WAHMs. If it says "Made in China" you don't need it. WE ARE THE CHANGE!

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Anonymous said...

love it Kandas! you find the best videos:) So, what do WE do now? I'm thinking of coming up with something...but oh what shall it be??

We "buy American" as much as possible. It really is the "stuff" for kids that is hardest - not toys and clothes, but the little crap. At the top of my head is the stuff for kids school easter baskets. You know the junk from the dollar store. I tell the boys I'd rather they NOT get anything.

Our boys know the difference between quality and crap - even to the point where they say "no" to toys they think they want if I tell them they are made in China.