Monday, January 25, 2010

Facebook & Twitter for your business

Please don't read this expecting advice on using Facebook and Twitter for your business.  I have none.  Not one iota.  I am writing because I don't get the whole social networking thing in connection to business.

I have a facebook page.  I haven't visited it in months.  I don't have time.  And I hear you can have a facebook business page, but I don't have time for that either.  Since I can't type well, I haven't even looked at Twitter.

I understand that you need to network to build business.  I guess that pertains to some businesses.  But as a one mom business who hand crafts her product, I do not see how it applies to me.  I spend most of my time painting, and packing, and various other business related tasks, where do I find time to Facebook or Twitter?

I am not bashing either network.....I am just trying to understand.  Is it because I am already busy with my piggy banks, that I don't have time or need for them?  Am I just behind the times and don't get it?  Am I missing out because I am busy painting?  Am I just Twitterilliterate?  Or Facebookphobic?

Someone enlighten me.....I don't want the world to pass me by.


Kandas - Custom Furniture Consultant said...

I attended the American Express OPEN Women's Business Summit in Houston, Texas last week. The entire two day event was focused on 1) Government Contracts and 2) Social Media. Social Media is replacing all other forms of media, including websites. It's worth looking into...

Avia For All said...

I attended a seminar regarding social media for your business recently. I came away with more knowledge and a new appreciation for the social media sites out there. Fortunately, many of the sites have the option of linking your pages together (Facebook ---> Twitter ---> LinkedIn ---> etc. and vice versa). You may want to reconsider and try to make a bit of time to devote to social media in your business plan.