Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dreamers into Doers

Last summer I joined a group on the Martha Stewart web site called Dreamers into Doers.

It's a terrific group of women, just like me that have started their own businesses, are following their dreams and doing something they are passionate about. Recently, we've started a "headlines" area where we post all the events, pr, product releases, etc that happen to us. It's incredible to see some of the amazing things these women are up to.

I'm delighted to be part of the group. Comfy Cozy will be donating inspiring pillowcases to one of our members organization, Enchanted Makeovers. The organization is like the "extreme makeover" for women's shelters.

Below is the list of our latest events and accomplishments:

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Peggy Gaffney... your blog was tremendous! http://kanineknits.blogspot.com.
Peggy Shaffer Vincent...your pillow cases! Amazinghttp://www.comfycozy.com
Terry Grahl...Great Article about The Recipe of Hope on the following Blog!http://blog.thevintageworkshop.com/
Dawyna Claryn-Your Music Rocks http://www.EarthDaySong.com/
Brenda Foehrkolb - Brenda Star Studios and the fantastic Art Show was a must see!
Meilie Moy-Hodnet-A fantastic Product http://www.bigstickcanes.com
Bea Kuntz-Spring is in Bloom at http://www.sagehillfarmsandvintagestore.com
Eileen Smith Dallabrida-Keep up the reporting Genius!
Lisa Oliver?-What a Dream Project http://www.lostmylovey.com/
Keren Brown-Keep the Passion Alive http://www.foodportunity.com/ andhttp://www.franticfoodie.com/
Rachel Gaffney-Selling Fine Irish Linen and Keeping The Passion of Great Food and Ireland Stronghttp://www.pegasusnews.com/news/2010/mar/13/irish-food/
Kim McCool-Porcelain portraits and limoges of the finest caliberwww.kimmccool.com/
Kathy Hammer-Tasteful and Tasty Fine WV Salsa!http://www.msmollyssalsa.com/
Taryn Sisco goes Green For Spring - http://poppychic.blogspot.com/ (Don't miss it!)
Check out this Site! Endearingly Wonderful Mary Richey!http://www.wallberries.com/
Jean Roth-Keep the Images and Stories Rollinghttp://www.rotemdesignstudio.com -- and -- http://www.rotemgear.com
Jennifer-"Oh Fancy Girl"-Be Fancy!http://www.businessownersideacafe.com/business_people/show_profile.php?profile_id=4668
Debbie Maddy-HOW PROUD ARE WE fellow DID?http://www.hgtv.com/videos/innovative-shining-star-quilt/6652.html
Annette Fry-This is well worth a second READ!
Bridget Mack-Go Ministries is on the GO...
Victoria Silva- http://feminineliving.com (What's not to like here ;) )! Bring it on!
Carolina Martin- (new Grandson and All) http://www.artonwheels.us
Lisa Umansky-Perfect Pound Cakes! http://polkadotpoundcake.com
Karen Eyler-Keep Caligraphy Strong
Beth Shotwell Baker-With an eye to the Dreamers and Mentoring Strong-http://www.deservingdecor.org
Tina Czarnota-Ms. Author? Founder of International Bed and Breakfast Day? Keep the mystery and intrigue headed our WAY!

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