Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do What You Love

A piece of advise successful entrepreneurs are always throwing around. The idea being if you are doing what you love, it will be easier to attain success. This weekend I went to see Jimmy Buffett, talk about someone who is the poster child for this train of thought. He gets on stage portraying a barefoot, carefree child at heart, having the time of his life, while he is raking it in. He has turned what he loves doing into a major empire. Playing all summer to sold-out concerts, while Parrotheads everywhere are drinking his Margaritaville tequila and Land Shark Beer. Then there are his record and book sales, toped off by his chain of Margaritaville restaurants with gift shops selling everything from $500 margarita makers to key chains (which of course double as bottle openers).

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Jimmy fan, and have personally added to his pile of money. I was just wishing that all of us could be having that much fun while we were getting fifthly rich!

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