Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moms Blogs & Moms Clubs

I've been on the hunt for new business lately. Did some searches for moms groups, moms clubs in my area and landed on the Chester County Moms blog. Today, Sarah over at Chester County Moms featured my glow in the dark pillowcases in a product review! That just makes my day:0) I had emailed her a few weeks ago and she replied with a cheerful note and positive feedback about Comfy Cozy. It's exciting when someone you don't know has such cool things to say about what you make - even more exciting when they want to tell others about it!

I found some cool blogs for moms - where were they when my boys were 1 and 3?? They are a great place to learn, share and vent.

I've also been contacting MOMS Clubs in PA. When my boys were really young, I went to my local MOMS Club a couple of times. They are great when you need to get out of the house but have to take your kids. I figured the best way to increase sales and get the word about my company is to go directly to my target market. DUH! It took alot of time and research, but I was able to contact them. The advertising cost is minimal for their newsletters and it's good to know that the fee goes to support their efforts in their communities.

The ads will start running in the next week or so. I offered them a special offer and hopefully some of the moms will be just as excited as Sarah and order a couple pillowcases for the holidays.

Advertising is so expensive that I rarely do it. But I think I've hit on something that is beneficial to me and the MOMS Club moms. I get some exposure, the moms learn about our fun and functional products (I stole that from Lynn) and make a little money for their projects.

The best thing so far is the great response I received to my intro email. The women were receptive to my request because I was a mom just like them:) One mom even said that after visiting my site she became inspired to go after her dream and start a business making quilting kits. Good for her - good for me! I hope her MOMS Club members give her alot of support and encouragement.

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