Friday, October 3, 2008

Fantastic Friday: Win American Country Furniture by Shaka Studios

Morning Musings

Almost every morning, after I put my nine year old on the bus, I grab the dog and head out for a walk around the neighborhood. I listen to recorded books and think up witty insights that would make perfect posts on this blog. I sure wish I could remember some of those witty insights by the time I return home and sit down to blog. Sigh.

In case you are wondering which recorded books I listen to... the last three titles are:
  • Star Wars: Legacy of the Force #8: Revelation
  • Lemony Snickets' - A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Wide Window
  • Douglas Adams' - The Salmon of Doubt

Lest you think I only listen to Sci Fi, I am a business owner, so I also enjoy listening to Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Suzi Orman, etc.

100 Things

An update to my list from last week.

REVISED 72. I cook on a gas range. WELL... I have a little extra cash right now and my oven has been "broken" for over 2 years. The broiler does not work. I did some shopping around for a gas oven. After having put serious consideration into this, I've decided that for now I am perfectly content with my ceramic top range. It's very easy to clean. Gas ranges do not appear to be as easy to keep clean. I don't like to clean. So... number 72 on my list can wait and I'm just going to repair my oven.

79. I have a lap pool and jacuzzi.

80. I have an amazing yoga instructor from whom I learn weekly.

81. I have tried scuba diving.

82. I make someone laugh each day. (During my early 2o's this was my mantra. How did I let this slip away?)

83. I am comfortable wearing a sexy black dress and occasionally I do.

Spot the Black Bat & Win!

FIVE lucky winners will each receive a $150 Gift Voucher towards the Shaka Studios product of their choice.Choose from one of our signature painted American Country classics or new Figured Maple or Cherry offerings.

Contest ends 10/31/2008. Winners will be drawn and notified on 11/1/2008.

Enter To Win...

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