Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On the 17th I turned 44. I love my birthday:) I love being 44! I don't think I'm "old". I've decided that looking at life as a gift is better than as a struggle everyday. Even if some days are a struggle. I don't like the fact that everyone I love is getting older though, mainly my parents and brothers and sisters. Most days I pretend like they are all in their 30's with years and years to go in life. I also know that another year, even another day, isn't guaranteed.

My dad's birthday was on August 2nd. I got him a card with 2 old timers on the front. It said
"When I was young we didn't have a birth DAY, we had a birth HOUR and when times were really hard we were lucky to have a birth MINUTE...and we were happy with that".

I think it's a good philosophy to be happy with every minute. It's VERY hard sometimes, today for me is a struggle since I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and getting nothing done. ARGH! So, in light of that, I'm going out to lunch with my husband since he's on vacation and our kids are off to a friends for a few hours. YEAH - alone with my husband in a restaurant!

Then I'll be back tomorrow to face the trials and tribulations of being a WAHM. Some really good things have happened though, my orders for the Femail Creations catalog have started to come in and I just got a re-order for a custom design client, The Friends of Martins Tavern. All of our custom designs are done under Glowfx designs - you can check out our portfolio here.

off to lunch!


Jill said...

Have a great birthday! enjoy your day

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Hey, I missed this post. Hope you had a great time at lunch. And congrats on those orders : )