Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Sunday

:) What an awesome day. When I started D's Stitcheree my husband was still working full time and my youngest son was still in high school. I told myself that Sunday was OFF LIMITS for work. I pretty much stuck with that for 12 years. I totally believed that we had to have at least ONE day where we could all be together for meals and conversation and rest. It was great. As the years went by and D's got busier and busier it was harder not to work on Sunday but I stuck to my guns. Now we are in Arizona and my husband is retired but working part time at the super market. He usually works on the weekends :( but that is OK because we value every day together and when he isn't working believe me ... "I" am not working. Sunday or not. :)
If your home business takes so much of your time that you begin to wonder "why did I do this??", maybe you need to remember "WHY" you did this and at least take Sunday (or any day) OFF and make sure you spend time with your family.

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