Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a Small Tidbit

I volunteered to write on mondays here at SuperWAHMz, because usually mondays don't bother me. I get up, get my shower, write my list and am good to go. I like the beginning of a new week

But these last mondays have been kind of stressful. Well, most of the summer has been stressful because I have been unusually busy. Not to mention the fact that weeks are just flying by and time is passing way too fast.

Anyway, while I have been busy and new orders are coming in daily, I noticed an interesting trend. I get most of my orders during the week. And few, if any, on weekends. Interesting, I think.

My 2 hypotheses are
1. it's summer and people are outside having fun and not indoors shopping on the net.
And 2. it's the weekend and people aren't at work surfing while they should be working : )

What do you think? Notice any trends in your orders?


Jill said...

no kidding it makes me so mad when I pass by one of our employees and they are playing on the net on my dime, (however I'm glad they don't know how much I spend on peoples blogs)

Anonymous said...

My orders feel like they are all during the week. A closer look does seem to have them on Mondays & Tuesdays. What would be interesting to take a look at is the time of day they are placed. Yeah, I'll add that to my to-do list LOL!

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Time of day, huh? Mine seem to come in at all times of's that west coast thingy, kwim?

Stitchen said...

West Coast thingy Lynn LOLOLOLOL Yeah, those of us on the WC sometimes forget that while we are still working away, you guys on the EC are sleeping LOLOLOLOL Of course, to be fair, when you are up working in the morning, WE are still sleeping LOLOLOLOL
As for when my orders come in. They are usually during the week.