Thursday, August 7, 2008

WAHM Works!

I've completely lost it. My mind that is:) I was convinced yesterday was Tuesday - all day long. So, my post is late, but since Jill was a day behind, I'm feeling pretty good about myself now!

Today I'm paying bills - yeah! UGH! Sometimes I don't want to own a business because I don't like paying bills for it. I'm happy with the income, just not the bills. Part of that is because owning a business, means owning inventory. When business is slow, I avoid my "warehouse" like the plague, because I hate looking at all those pillowcases just sitting there calling for someone to order them and take them home. So, come on over folks, and order a few personalized glow in the dark pillowcases!!!

August is a traditionally tough month for me. Business is usually slow, but I have to invest in inventory for the fall and holiday season so I'm not out of stock in November. Also, Femail Creations catalog orders start to come in and that's typically quite a bit of merchandise. That's great, but I have Net 45 terms with them, so I don't see the $'s for a while. I like to create new designs and that involves new screens which cost some cash upfront. The joys of being a WAHM or simply a small business owner of any kind that involves inventory.

On a side note, yesterday I did something really whacky. I mailed my "be" pillowcase to Maria Shriver! It all began the other day when I checked to see what was on Oprah. She comes on at 4, so sometimes I take a break to see if she's got anybody interesting on - of course, someone that I can justify NOT working to watch lol! There was Maria Shriver talking about her life and changing it to be what she wanted it to be. She has a new book - or relatively new, the show was a re-run - titled "Just who will you be". An inspiring little book with an important message. I thought she'd like the pillowcase:) It will be interesting to see if she contacts me!

Now back to work!


Stitchen said...

I really respect Maria Shriver. How can she do anything but LOVE your pillowcase. :)

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

I still haven;t posted this week *sigh*

I love that pillow case. Very inspirational. Let us know if you hear from her.

The Loya's said...

What a wonderfully "gorilla marketing" tactic. I love it!!!

Gina Loya
DesignWerks Web Design

Kandas - Custom Furniture Consultant said...

Go Peggy! Maria is going to LOVE your pillowcase!