Friday, September 19, 2008

Fantastic Friday: Electricity is Good

This truly is a Fantastic Friday! We have POWER! We have clean clothes. We have hot meals. We have a working refridgerater. We have internet access!

While much of our community is still without power and no where near back to normal, things are looking up. At 5pm today they announce which schools will re-open on Monday. I wonder if the kids realize they will have to make up this past week at the end of the year?

I went to the grocery store yesterday. The shelves were picked over but they are restocking. The store was very busy with people restocking their fridge's (like me). I threw out so much spoiled food!

This is what I learned from the Hurricane:

    • Electricity is good. But, you can live with out it.
    • However, you CAN NOT live without water.
    • Gas Ranges are a necessity and not a luxury. Guess who is getting a gas range ASAP?
    • Lift-top Deep Freezers can double as coolers in a pinch. Guess who is getting a deep freezer ASAP?
    • Neighbors and community are important. Don't piss off your neighbors, you might need them.
    • Share what you have because one day you might need it.
    • Kids can play outside without too much supervision and still be safe.
    • We have copperhead snakes living in our backyard. Ugh.
    • FEMA is good. That can not be said for all government agencies.
    • Even though you are recovering from a storm that was the size of the state of Texas, your customers will still call to check on the status of their orders.

Our shop is open today. The boys are assessing and planning. We should be back to normal by Monday. We are running a furniture and bedding sale to help us recover financially from the lost week.

Oh, and yesterday my 1995 Ford Explorer decided it no longer wanted to run. :(

But, we have POWER! And electricity is GOOD!

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Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Isn't electricity just AWESOME? Love your list of things you learned.