Monday, September 22, 2008

P * A * N * I * C

After the power outage of last week, and combined with being busy all summer, I can feel panic coming on. I usually get so busy thru November and December I paint almost 24/7. I get scary busy. Really.

I do have some help, but as a control freak/wahm, it's hard to "outsource" a lot of what I do. I just like being in control. It's my business and I want to do things my way.

Anyway, as I was shopping this morning, thinking about the upcoming Holiday Season, I could feel the stress starting. The panic setting in. I told myself I have to figure out a way to calm down and take it as it comes. It's not here yet, there's no sense in panicking now.

So I thought maybe if I made a little word game....I'm not sure if it would be an acronym or something else...each letter of PANIC will stand for something else. So, when I start to panic, I can go through these other words in my head and maybe I can de-stress myself.

This is what I have so far. Suggestions are welcome for all letters...
P - patience. Because sometimes you have to take your time and do things slowly.
A - attitude. A positive attitude will take you much farther than a negative.
N - no. Because sometimes you have to say "no." You can't do everything asked of you.
I - I had something thought up for I, but now I can't remember it.
C - calm. Stay calm and don't get worked up over the little things. Or the big things, for that matter.

Well, I need help with the "I" since I forgot what it was I had in mind. Hopefully I can use this as a mantra, or maybe print it and post it here at my desk. Then when I start to panic, I can get a grip and relax. Anything to make things easier this fall....


Jill said...

how about imagination for I, sometimes it takes a little to figure out how to "make it work"

Stitchen said...

or, how about Inspire or Inspired. I really like your suggestions for all the letters. When you get it all together I would love to print it out also.