Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fantastic Friday: I Don't Like Ike

I'm writing this post on Thursday... not really Fantastic Friday... but I had to get this off my chest today!

I don't like Ike! No offense, I'm sure he's a perfectly nice storm but he is causing panic here in Southeast Texas.

At 8:30 this morning, I popped over to the grocery store because we were out of milk and coffee. The kid needs milk. The husband needs coffee. One hour and 30 minutes later, and after much trauma, I finally checked out.

It was mass panic! People were bumping into my cart and shoving their way to the check out lines. At 8:30 in the morning no less!


How about the non-stop news coverage about Ike? He's coming to Houston, don't you know? EVACUATE! Get the heck out of Dodge.

Now, here's the thing. I live 150 miles inland and 60 miles north of Houston. By the time Ike hits my community, it will be nothing more than wind and rain. There is no reason to panic, and certainly no reason to ram your grocery cart into someone elses.

My heart goes out to the folks down south under mandatory evacuation. They are sitting in their cars as I type in 95 degree weather in bumper to bumper traffic, hoping that when they get home, their homes will still be there.

But HERE!! Where I live? That's not an issue. At worst, a few trees might fall down. No reason at all to panic.

Okay, so maybe it's not Ike's fault. It's the way that people are responding to Ike that I don't like.

Have a fantastic Friday! I'm going to enjoy the day with my husband and daughter. Hubby is staying home because even though our shop is well out of harm's way, he doesn't want to drive in the traffic. Daughter will be home because the school district figured no one would show up anyway, so they closed the schools. I have plenty of milk and coffee. It will be a great day! Thanks Ike!

Today is September 11th. Here's the famous flag of flowers to honor those that should never be forgotten:

Now that I think about it, someone bashing my cart at the grocery store really isn't that big of a deal compared to what thousands of people went through just 7 years ago today.


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Hope you enjoyed your day off....whatever the reason.

Stitchen said...

Ike or just a heavy rain and a little bit of wind. Just be safe and enjoy your day with your sweetie and your sweet little one.
Thank you for posting the picture. I been remembering all day as I am sure so many of us are. God Bless our country and all those who fight for her.

Anonymous said...

We get that up here in PA every time the forecast is for snow. Honestly, it's PA for goodness sake, it snows here. The tv/radio fuels the fire with the "stay home, be prepared" warnings like it was going to snow 36 inches(which it did in '95) and we'd all die without milk, bread and eggs. Don't even get me started about going to Walmart a few days before it snows.

One year, a week or so before Christmas I went to Walmart to buy rock salt to put in our luminary bags. Just for fun, I mused to myself, let's see what happens if I start telling the boys (in a louder than normal voice) that the rock salt was because I heard that a big snow storm was coming. I know, it's wasn't very nice - but I looked at like a study!

No lie, 2 customers stopped their carts, turned around and threw a couple bags into their carts. As I walked thru the store, at least 5 other customers looked at my cart with that look of "hmmm, why is she buying all that rock salt?".

Too funny!