Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Picking Your Battles

Ready the last few posts, helped me decide what to write about today. Working from home for the last 25 years has taught me a few things about setting priorities. When you work from home it’s easy to blur the lines between stay at home mom and work at home mom. When you leave each day to go work somewhere else, I think it easier to not fret about the fact that your house isn’t clean or your dirty dishes are in the sink. But when you work at home you suddenly think you are supper woman and can do everything at once.

Let it go. Pick your battles. A clean house is great, but the only one who really notices it is you. Give your self a break and only worry about those things that really matter at the end of the day.

Stress and guilt are killers, and I wish we could figure out a way not to be so hard on ourselves, but as woman I think we are just wired that way


Anonymous said...

Jill, you've made my day:) I needed this post - could you write it everyday LOL

I think I'm going to get back on track and do just what you say - prioritize, but put things in the right perspective when I do so.

If only we could get re-wired!!

Jill said...

no kidding, I hope I didn't pass the guilt gene on to my daughter!

Stitchen said...

Awesome comments Jill. Thanks for the reminder. It is good to hear it from time to time. :)