Friday, June 13, 2008

Fantastic Friday

Yea! I see Lynn figured out how to add our SuperWAHMz logo!

We have set a schedule and Friday is my official day to post to SuperWAHMZ. What shall I call my Friday posts? What else starts with F?

  • Furniture
  • Frenzy
  • Fun
  • Fish
  • Funky
  • Fantastic

Oooooh... Fantastic, that's a good one. Fantastic Friday.

Sidebars are in purple: My 9 year old just walked in the my office wearing a long pink skirt with silver sequins trimming the bottom, a camo cammy and a pink knit shrug. I'm glad she has her own sense of style. It shows she is comfortable with herself.

Let's see. What shall I chat about?

Since this is basically my introductory post, I guess I'll talk about myself.

I sell custom furniture. Unlike the other SuperWAHMz, I do not actually create and make the items my company sells. My husband, Shane, is the creative one. Before Shane, (a time I like to refer to as BS) I was a buyer for a chain of specialty ski shops. Before that, I was a Territory Manager for The North Face. (Yes, I belong to the TNF Alumni Club.)

Check out Plaxo. It's a nifty tool to keep my address book up to date. It also helps me reconnect with people I USED to know. All of a sudden, I have found all sorts of old TNFers and am amazed at what some of them are doing. I had one buddy, James, that was the only person that would eat Thai Food with me. After he left the corporate office and went into outside sales, we still made a point to eat one Thai meal together when we were at trade shows. James and I have reconnected and he is now a journalist specializing in "lifestyle storytelling." Check out James's website: and listen to his podcast interview of our mutual buddy, professional climber, Conrad Anker.

Uh oh. I stopped talking about myself. What else?

I've worked at home for over 7 years. Before that, I took my daughter to work with me. The company that I co-own with Shane is as old as our marriage: 10 years. Which reminds me, this is our 10 year anniversary, so I should be throwing a big hoopla over it on our website, eh?

We just have the one daughter. 2 dogs. 2 cats. We live in Texas. I've been in Texas for 12 years. Came here for the buyer gig.

The transition from working at a glamorous company like TNF - to a bankrupt 20 store chain - to a mom & pop operation wasn't the easiest. I have tried really hard to approach our business with corporate objectivity. It's not easy. Especially since Shane has never worked for anyone but himself. Yes, that's right. He started making and selling his custom furniture at 17 and has never had to seek other sources of income.

Two more things before I blog off:

  1. I am a HUGE supporter of Girl Scouts.
  2. Yesterday I achieved my Competent Communicator designation with Toastmasters International. I will post my speech here soon.




Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

I like friday frenzy. Out of all of the days of the week, friday's are my frenziest(is that a word?)

But Fantastic is a bit more positive.

Glad to read more about you....I don't think I knew all that about you. And I love your daughter's choice in clothes....sounds like a fashionista to me : )

Stitchen said...

Awesome intro Kandas. But then, I know you are an awesome person.
Hugs, D