Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Monday Motivation!

Woohoo! Time for another week of Monday Motivation! How'd you do last week? I think I did okay. Well, there's a couple things that didn't get done last week, and they will be on this weeks list.

I always have high hopes for getting things done, but when you make and sell your own product, and you are busy, some things get put off. I am still waiting for business to slow down a little so I can play catch-up (no, not ketchup) and try to get a head start on Christmas. Yes, I am still waiting....not complaining about being busy, just waiting for a little teeny slow down....

So for today, well, if the weather stays dry, I told Leia we would go to the Big Butler Fair. If that happens, this list is out the window *sigh* It will always be here tomorrow. Funny, how if I don't do the work, it doesn't get done. Anyway....

  1. get website ready for Christmas in July Sale. Holy cow, it's almost JULY!
  2. type up a newsletter announcing above sale
  3. finish piggy banks that are started
  4. fire those piggy banks
  5. write a post for superWAHMz
  6. write a post for After the Dust Settles

As for the entire week....we are planning on having a picnic here on Friday. We'll see how much that effects my work week, won't we?

  1. piggy bank molds need poured
  2. greenware piggy banks will need fired
  3. orders will need packed
  4. have to go to the store to get food
  5. need to get food for friday too
  6. write some emergency info on note cards (left over from last week)
  7. scoop poop
  8. tie up maple trees in front yard
  9. read blogs
  10. write some posts
  11. keep the house semi clean

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