Saturday, June 21, 2008

Snapshot Saturday!

Saturday around here is a bit hectic. First of all, I "think" I'm going to get some work done, second, I "think" I'm going to have a relaxing morning before I work in my office, third, my children don't think I'm going to do anything but play.

Working out of your home is hectic every day, but Saturday is a tough one. I'd like to "take the day off" like normal people, but that rarely happens. I usually have Comfy Cozy® orders to ship out that could wait til Monday, but I hate to make my customers wait when it will "only take a minute" to get the labels printed and run to the Post Office.

SIDE BAR: I use a lot of "..." in my ramblings. Hope it doesn't drive you crazy!

Today's SNAPSHOTS are of my office when we have a big order to ship out. It can get a little cramped in there!

The second is of our screen printing shop. We don't use many standard colors and mix all of our own shades. Those cans back there are most of them, but not all! Every product is hand screen printed using these machines. The "screen" is the pink board you see, then the pillowcases or shirts go on the lower part . It all spins around like a merry-go-round.
Claude, one of our screen printers does a fabulous job of ensuring that our designs our printed perfectly. He's just finished printing our "Camp Friends" design and next up will be our new "Puppy Love" & "Cat Nap" pillowcases. More on the new designs later.

Well, it's now after noon, guess I'll try to take a few hours off and weed my overgrown garden!

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Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Very cool! Love seeing where you get your work done : )

Saturday's are tough for me too. Since we generally have nothing going on, I usually find myself working a little here and there. It's hard to just leave the work for the work week.