Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Talk about it Tuesday

It's Tuesday! I'm going to have to "talk about" my monday! It was miserable - ok, just unproductive. I accomplished so little that I threw in the towel at 3. If I would have done all the "personal" things instead of Comfy Cozy things, I would have been better off. I told you summer was tricky around here.

Based on how things can get a little out of control, last night I slept on my "be" pillowcase! A calming, relaxing, find your inner peace design that is perfect for SuperWAHMZ, stressed out moms, anxious teenagers and college students. The Glow in the Dark image lets you read a few more serene thoughts after you turn out the lights and fall asleep with positive thoughts!
I'm starting over today and doing a little bit better:
pillowcases are personalized
orders are processed
taxes finally signed and mailed (just got from acct last night)
bills paid
laundry away and sheets in wash
post to SW blog

Commenting on Lynn's Christmas is Coming post, I received my first order for one of our "Christmas" pillowcases! They make great Personalized gifts for Christmas Eve when kids just can't wait to open a present and gets them into bed! The Glow in the Dark image of "Dear Santa" reads like a list of all the fun things kids want under the tree. "Believe in Christmas" lights up the night with a shining Star and Santa's reindeer flying through the sky.

And, they aren't just for December. We use ours during the year to remember the wonder and love we share at Christmas. The pillowcases are perfect for hot summer nights and having a Christmas in July party - only 5 months til Christmas!!

Lastly, no Lynn I didn't find my Eighth day - still looking!

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