Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Motivation 2

So, with that in mind, my weekly to do list is as follows:
  1. Schedule Camp Physical for Daughter
  2. Get Daughter Ready for Camp by Sunday
  3. Read Article My Husband Asked Me to Read
  4. Increase Sales by 40% over Last Week
  5. Issue Gift Certificates to Customers that Sent Us Photos to Use on our Website
  6. Work on new Table Pricing
  7. Email Authorized Dealers Regarding Table Pricing
  8. Make List of Needed Repairs on New Shop
  9. Fax list to Real Estate Agent
  10. Freight Bills for this Week's Shipments
  11. Thank You Notes
  12. Pay Personal Bills
  13. Color Hair
  14. Pay for Girl Scout Troop Trip to Johnson Space Center
  15. Have Lunch With Noelle!!! Woo Hoo!
  16. Walk the Dogs at least TWICE this week - it was so much easier when there was just one!
  17. Figure out how Lynn puts lines through what she's finished!

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