Friday, June 27, 2008

Promotion to help women designers.

Earlier this morning while perusing blogs...I don't even know how I got started...I came upon and noticed this promotion. It's in conjuntion with Count Me In and Make Mine a Million (I believe Kandas mentioned them a while back). I was immediately interested, threw my "to-do" list out the window and created this new pillowcase design for the promotion:

I have to admit, I LOVE IT! The promotion invites all designer of many products to participate. Items will be listed on between September 1-30th. What could be more appropriate than a fun & funky pillowcase with glow in the dark words of inspiration and motivation! The new design won't ship until August 15th, but it can be pre-ordered at I can't wait til September!


Stitchen said...

OMG Peggy, it is awesome. You are incredible and so talented. Good luck with this new design.

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Wow, that is an awesome design! I have to check out those links (in my spare time : )

Anonymous said...

thanks! I love when a design is this easy. But it is all text, so that's one reason - no "real art".

Lynn, I think you should make something for it too - how cool would a piggy bank be to save up for your own business or to pay yourself for a job well done!

There is a sister site to shefinds blog which is momfinds. I'm now signed up for both of them and hope to bring some traffic to my site and to SW.