Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our Health

Being a work at home mom is so demanding. My boys are grown and I am a grandma now but even back in the days when Eric was still at home and I worked many more hours I did not take care of my health the way I should have.
Since we moved to Arizona I have been even worse. So.... with that said, a couple weeks ago I went ahead and made a Dr. appointment. I had a physical, got my eyes checked, got new glasses :) (now I will be able to see what I am embroidering) lolololol, got blood tests and had my mamogram. Girls, take care of yourselves. I think we are always too busy taking care of everyone else.
Anyway, I get the results of my blood work today. Mamo came back fine, get my new glasses next week. Life is good. :)
OH..... did I tell y'all I have a new saying?? It is
Paradise Found.
Of course it was 108 yesterday. It did not quite feel like Paradise :( aaahhhh summer is here in AZ.

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Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

I know it is hard for me to take care of myself. I can dr everyone else, but for me, the show must go on. I do keep up with my eyes and I get my yearly gyne check up and mammogram. But a complete physical? Ugh...I'm afraid of what they would tell me.