Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Workday

Well, I sent my kids off to a friends for the day. She also owns her own company and we're trading days so we can each have at least ONE day a week in the summer for focused work!

Today was pretty good. But, my day is about over, have to pick them up in the next 1/2 hour.

I spent a good chunk of the day following up - or trying to - with catalogs and web sites that I submitted Comfy Cozy products to. I used to be a buyer, I know the game and that makes it frustrating. Oh, what I must have put prospective vendors thru...must be karma coming round at me LOL

I'm totally pysched though, because my contracts came thru for Femail Creations catalog! Two new products in the Holiday catalogs. I love this catalog. My pillowcases have been selling in it for over 10 years.

Next week - already looking ahead - I'll be focusing on my Keepsake Photo Sticker Calendar collections.

Customer love the "start at any month" format. They make great gifts and can be started at any time of year. So far, we have the following:
1) Baby's First Year
2) Toddler (13-24 months)
3) Toddler 2 (25-36 months)4) Preschool
5) Kindergarten/First Grade
6) "i'm 3!"
7) "i'm 4!"
8) "i'm 5!"
9) "i'm 6!"
10) "10"
11) "sweet sixteen"

They all have a "frame" for every month to place a "real time" photo. Not like the ones you do at the end of the year for the next year. A place to write about the photo, plus simple questions about your child's favorite things.

Well, my Wednesday Workday is just about over...until tonight when the boys are in bed!

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Stitchen said...

It was too darn HOT to work yesterday. Well, I did work. I did the computer work for my custom project. I just LOVE your pillowcases Peggy. I have bought a couple as gifts and a special Dinosaur pillowcase for my grandson. He took it on vacation to Hawaii. You are awesome and I am so Thankful to have you as a friend-business associate.