Monday, July 21, 2008


Last week I posted about stress. And how I (sorta) deal with it. Apparently my way of dealing with things isn't working too well. *sigh* This past week I made 2 mistakes on orders.

One order the lady asked to cancel. So I deleted the email order, voided the credit card transaction, and then the next week proceeded to send her the piggy bank anyway. All I can think of is that I didn't pull the hard copy and that is what I work now she has a piggy bank she doesn't want (and didn't pay for) and I am going to have to pay her to ship it back.

The other order, well, I guess it isn't clear on my website, but when you order a white monogram piggy bank, the ears nose and tail are painted a coral color. No matter the color of the letter. I have to check, but I don't think it says anything about that on the website. My bad. So the customer gets their piggy bank with a hunter green letter and coral colored ears, nose and tail. And it isn't what they expected and they don't like it.

I apologized, found out what they did want and painted a new one. I told them to keep the first one. I just don't feel like paying to have it sent back. Maybe they can find someone else whose name starts with "L".

I know these past couple weeks have been stressful for me. There is so much going on and places to go and things to do and then the garage sale on top of all that. Thank goodness that is over. I know it's summer and I would love to have a break, but it doesn't look like one is coming and how do I tell people "No, I can't do that." When they expect me to be able to drop everything and do whatever.

Falling behind stresses me out and when I am stressed I make mistakes and I can't afford them. So I need to figure something to better organize my time and myself, learn to make a schedule and stick to it....or maybe just tell people to leave me alone during the week and I don't know....I just know I feel terribly stressed and I don't want to feel that way.


Jill said...

Wow. I think you need a break, I send my stores annoncements each summer with my vacation dates listed, and cut off times for orders that can be shipped before I leave. It always works. Maybe you could do that on your website, just let people know that shipments will be delayed for a week. Stress is a killer, and it effects both your health and your mind. Being a one woman shop can really be tough. If you can take a little break you will comeback so much more productive!

Anonymous said...

aww hang in there, lynn.

i know it can be stressful, but things do get better! :) smile and make it a great day!