Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Motivation

Another week, another monday. It was a busy weekend and today I am still tired. I actually took the whole weekend off and did some fun stuff. Saturday was a family picnic and sunday we went to a medieval faire. Can't wait to post some pictures of that over at my personal blog : ) But today it is back to work, hoping I didn't fall too far behind after taking a couple days off....
Today I need to :
  1. schedule a carrier pick up for tomorrow
  2. personalize a couple piggy banks
  3. process some orders
  4. upload some pictures : )
  5. add the new piggy bank to the website
  6. mail my receipts to my bookkeeper
  7. email some bills to her too
  8. remind people that the Christmas In July Sale is almost over (have you started shopping yet???)
  9. clean my purse out
  10. paint some piggy banks

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