Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Motivation

Another monday is here already. Time sure flies in the summer. I keep waiting for the summer slow down, but since summer is half over and I am still busy, I guess it isn't coming. That's good. And it's tiring. I was so hoping for a small break in painting. But enough about that....I'm a busy wahm, that's good and I have lots of stuff to do today and this week. We are having a garage sale this coming weekend, so I am hoping to work during the day and get ready for the sale after dinner, into the evening. We'll just see how that plan works now, won't we?
  1. do paperwork for personalized piggy banks shipping today
  2. pack and ship those piggy banks
  3. capture $
  4. email customers orders shipped
  5. finish painting piggy banks that I started this weekend. (yes, I work weekends, do you?)
  6. fire those piggy banks
  7. make signs for garage sale
  8. hose off some really dirty items so we can sell them and not be embarrassed
  9. put ad on craigslist
  10. send in email ad to local county email list
  11. get all the stuff to sell downstairs.

Thank goodness for my MIL. She came out yesterday and helped me price everything that was ready to price. We have tons of stuff to sell. So all I'll have left to price is whatever we come up with this week. If I get everything done on my list today, I am going to relax tonight and READ MY BOOK. If I don't get it done, I'll cook a fancy dinner tomorrow night (I hate to cook. Bleh.)

As for the rest of the week....

  1. piggy bank molds will need poured
  2. I need to get to the store and get some food and stuff
  3. greenware piggy banks will need cleaned
  4. above piggy banks will need fired.
  5. lest we forget, poop will need scooped
  6. garage sale signs will need put up.
  7. I'll need to get change
  8. get tables set up

I'm thinking that's it for now. I'm sure there will be more, but I really have to get my paperwork started : ) Adios, muchachas!

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