Friday, July 25, 2008

I think I’ll stay small

I posted this on Tipsfromhome today, but thought it would be good here too

Good Morning America did a story this morning about two guys who started a candle company called Man Scents. They are making candles with scents for men, like Hunting Lodge or Alaskan Wilderness. I thought what a great idea. It just shows that you can take an old product and if you are creative enough you can turn it into a new and successful business.

My next thought: I’m going to write a post on this.

My next thought: Wow, I’m jealous, how lucky did these two guys get, GMA just did a story on their small business. Think about how many people just saw that.

My next thought: OMG I hope they are ready for this, are their servers big enough to handle that many people hitting their web site at once? How many employees do they have working for them producing these candles? Do they have enough products to manufacture all the orders they are going to get (if their site doesn’t crash)?

I decided I wasn’t jealous after all; my nice little manageable business is just fine.

Jill Prettyman


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

I like my little business too : )

Anonymous said...

I have this thought alot. I had it each time I submitted my products to and/or attended a QVC event. I live 30 minutes from QVC headquarters.

Can I afford to sell that much? What is the cost of growth? Not just monetary, but emotionally and physically. How will it effect my marriage, my kids and our relationships?

I think I'll write a full post on this subject:) Not now, we've just had a big ole thunderstorm hit and I'm turning off my computer!

COMcewens said...

WAIT, did you say the candles had MAN scents???? I only have boys and I use candles to cover UP man scents!

Noelle said...

Can I say AMEN to that ... I like my small business too. I actually fight to keep it small now, when it get's too big I have no life but 24/7 work ... too many yrs went by that I feel like I missed too much.

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

How do you keep it samll noelle? I need to figure that out....