Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursdays

I will start today off with the fact that I am so Thankful for the good health of my business associates and friends.
Now, business wise I would have to say that today I am also Thankful for a new customer who is so excited about my work that she is spreading the word. She is putting me in touch with 3 potential new customers. What was that old saying, you tell a friend and they tell a friend and they tell a friend etc. :)
I will be starting on the holidays now. Here at D's Stitcheree Custom Embroidery is alway in demand around Christmas. Because Custom Embroidery requires a longer time than stock embroidery it is good to start early.
I also do a lot of Corporate Embroidery this time of year. I have a feeling I will go from not being busy at all to being very busy. That is OK. Bring it on. :)
I think I will have a Christmas in July Sale for stock designs so watch D's Stitcheree and Etsy for that announcement.


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Way to go on the new customers D. That's great! I got 2 large orders recently....each for 6 piggy banks. That's a big order for me. And will keep me busy for a week or 2.

I put a Christmas countdown on my blog, maybe we should put it here too.....

Anonymous said...

wow congratulations on the new customers! that is really inspiring! good luck with your orders--- i will definitely have to keep you in mind when my business starts taking off and i'll need custom aprons for studio! :)

on a side note-- i have to say, reading this sitet and learning about what you all are about and support brought a poignant tear to my eye--- i think it is AMAZING that you have redefined the stereotypes about businesswomen and stay-at-home moms. though i'm not a mommy yet, i hope that one day when me and my boyfriend are married and have our child, i too can be proud to say i am a superWAHM keep up the good work ladies-- you never know who's heart you are touching and who gains inspiration from you!

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

lnc - so glad you stopped by! Thank you for the nice comment!

Stitchen said...

Hey Inc, thanks for the kind words and welcome to our blog. I hope you come back. I have checked out your Etsy site. You are awesome. Your art work is beautiful and inspiring.