Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Talk about it Tuesday

I would like to talk about the Pink elephant sitting right smack dab in the middle of my house. It is called the Economy. Conversations have been taking place in various business groups I belong to about the economy and how it is affecting our business's. Being an embroidery business, something most people don't need very often, some never, is tough in the economy today. I have seen my business slow down to a stop. Looking for an outside job is hard to do since I have been working at home for 16 years AND there aren't any jobs to be had anyway. There are so many people out of work.
We have been discussing the fact that we have given up any trips this summer just to put gas in the cars. This is not a happy subject in my house because our grandkids live in CA and we are in AZ.
So.... what have you given up just to make ends meet. What are your priorities??
Maybe your business is doing really well. I would love to hear about it and how you keep things going in the economy of today.
A while back we had the discussion about Made in America. It is interesting how the two subjects have overlapped. I don't know if we can have a survey on this blog but I would find it interesting to know, how do you choose a product. Price or ??
I had a dream once to produce Heirloom products that could be handed down to family members. I am seeing that dream fade away. Not only because of the economy but because it seems that some people don't care so much any more about passing down family heirlooms. I find that so interesting.
hhmmm I gues I have chosen a couple things to Talk about Today. It will be good to hear your opinions.

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Kandas - Custom Furniture Consultant said...

My business is based on the concept of passing down family heirlooms, as well. We seem to be selling more and more high end products lately. Perhaps you should focus on high end custom embroidered items like the baby blankets you talked about a couple of years ago?