Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So much to talk about...so little time:) Been a busy (personal) week and a half for me, but I'll keep this focused on business. I'm excited about 2 new Glow in the Dark Pillowcase designs that I just got printed and are ready to sell! If you are an animal lover - well, specifically dog and cat lover - you're going to love these. The first one, inspired by our new beagle puppy, Scully, is called "PUPPY LOVE":

The second is for all you cat lovers in the world. Personally, I like cats as long as they are at your house, but of course, how could I NOT do a fun Glow in the Dark pillowcase for you too:)

Unfortunately, my site is a little wacked, so I can't link you straight over there to order, but all should be fixed by tomorrow and I'll sneak back in and add a link. In the mean time, you can start writing a list of all the dog and cat lovers you know and be ready to place your order!

Speaking of ordering, I haven't had a chance to mention that Comfy Cozy is having a Christmas in July sale, too!! Take 20% off all orders placed for our "magical" Glow in the Dark pillowcases, Keepsake photo/sticker calendars and Travel & Toddler pillows. We personalize all of our pillowcases too and offer gift wrap. So, get your buying all wrapped up now!!

Now, I have to go and check on a puppy and get him ready for "kindergarten"!!!


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

OMG! Those are SO cute!!!!

And so is Scully!

Stitchen said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE him. He is just adorable. Bless his little heart.
The pillow cases are so cute. You are just so darn talented Peggy.