Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Talk About It Tueday!

Since we are celebrating Christmas in July at Korff Ceramic Originals, I will talk about my Personalized Cookies for Santa Plates. Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is only 177 days away!

I have been painting these cookie plates for a long time. Since before I started the website and working at home, so that's over 10 years now. The first design was the snowman....just a simple snowman with a hat and scarf. He was quite popular until....

until someone asked if I could paint a Santa face. And so I designed a Santa face plate and that has been the BIG seller every fall.

After Santa came the reindeer. I like reindeer, so it was just a natural progression for me to paint a Reindeer cookie plate.

And then came the Gingerbreadman, the Penguin (thanks to Happy Feet) and finally the Santa bear plate.

All the plates can be personalized with your choice of phrase (Cookies for Santa, etc.) and names. So far I have been able to fit 6 names along the bottom of a plate (I can write small if I have too : ) Matching mugs are also available, so Santa can have his cookies and milk in style. Personalized Cookies for Santa plates are $28.00ea, matching mugs are $20.00, or you can buy the set for $40.00. Take advantage of our Christmas in July Sale (aka Save My Sanity Sale) order now and save 20% : )


Stitchen said...

Last year I bought your Santa Plate for my grandsons and they LOVE it. You are awesome Lynn. Love you, D

Anonymous said...

Our boys (and mom and dad) love your Santa Plate. It's one Christmas decoration that is on display year 'round on our plate rack! I also gave one to my nephew. These plates are going to be handed down for years - as long as Santa doesn't break it:)

Thanks for another great item!!