Monday, July 7, 2008

Hi, My Name is Lynn and

I am a control freak. I like to do it all myself. Sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself and get it done right the first time. Sometimes it just makes more work. Regardless, I like having total control of my business. I wonder, are most wahm's like that?

When it comes to my business, I do everything....let's start with the website. Yes, I had Kathy of the dezignspot design it for me. But then I tweaked the design a teeny bit here and there and off I went....adding products and pages and links myself. I have a pretty fair knowledge of html now and I maintain the website myself. If I manage to mess things up beyond my very limited expertise, I contact Jo, my webhost. She's bailed helped me out numerous times, but I still muddle along maintaining my website myself. It is mine, after all.

And then there are the products....piggy banks, personalized plates and other stuff. I have molds for most everything I make in my basement. I hand pour these myself. Timing is critical and I am a perfectionist and I want my products to be of the highest quality. So I manufacture them myself. When it gets to be fall and I have too many orders to handle myself, I sub out the easy work.....base coating, cleaning piggy banks....things that I don't have to do, really. But I do paint all of the designs. Painting is my stress relief.

And then orders need packed and shipped. I do that too. Unless I am too busy, then I have a friend come over and do the packing. But I actually enjoy that. It gives me a break from painting and I can make sure piggy banks are packed securely.

Oh and don't forget the paperwork. I print my orders up and run all the credit cards myself. As well as the shipping paperwork. I do have a friend who does my bookkeeping. I am terrible with numbers. I'll gladly admit that.

And I also print my own business cards, gift cards and fliers. Yep, I designed them too. I like being able to tweak things how I want them. And I like being able to change layouts for different times of year. I did have a fellow wahm design a brochure for me....but I had to tweak it and edit it just a little until I was perfectly happy with it.

Maybe I take things too far. I know I am a bit obsessive about my business. In fact, reading all that I wrote makes me think I am micromanaging myself. Can you do that? My business is a reflection of me, and I want things to be just-so and I won't be happy until they are. Even if I have to do it all myself. Call me crazy, but I like it this way. And I wonder why I am stressed out once in a while....I better get going, I'm sure there is something I should be doing : )

*** It's Christmas in July at Korff Ceramic Originals! ***
Only 176 days until Christmas!

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Stitchen said...

I have run D's exactally the same way for 16 years. Delegating in not the easiest thing for me to do. I don't have a clue about the website or HTML, you know that. But I pretty much do everything else.