Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Look Big but Act Small

After finishing my first line I was so excited to show my samples to bridal stores in the area and get this business off to a big start. I quickly realized that to get my foot in the door I had to convince them I was a big company, no one was interested in doing business with a small start up. However once they saw the line and bought form me, what made them happy was all the things that a small start up could offer them. When they called with a question they were talking to the designer. When they forgot to order something and needed it in less than a week, it was no problem. When the bride wanted to make changes to the veil or the headpiece I could accommodate. My customers learned that doing business with a company like mine was a great way to go. They quickly became dependent on the kind of service I could give them.

I guess the moral to my story is that when you need to impress your future customers look, act and sound the part, then once you have won them over, you can show them what great service a small business can offer