Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WAHM Works!

I love Wednesdays! It's quiet again in my office. My boys are happy to be playing at a friends, it all works out for everyone.

Today I'm hoping to finish up the massive problems I had with my website and the server switch. I don't think I ever came back on to update the situation, let's just say that I have had to re-create EVERY thing I had done to my site for at least a month or 2. UGH - doesn't begin to cover it. For some reason the back-up file of my site couldn't be recovered and what ended up was an old version of my site. Don't understand, don't want to. Just know that you should keep a back up version of your site on YOUR hard drive. I trust no one anymore. It's been very frustrating because as a WAHM, time is already at a premium and who has time to do anything twice! I've looked at the bright side though and while updating virtually every item on my page, made some keyword changes and new images for the pillowcases and calendars that hopefully will make a difference to sales.

I've got to get some orders out as well, so better get to it.

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Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Glad to hear you have things under control now. So, have you backed it up yet?